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12 Tips for Men's Underwear

12 Tips for Men's Underwear

(Summary description)1 It is advisable to fit boxer pants or thongs for work. These two kinds of pants can be "matched" with the outer pants that are often worn at work such as trousers or jeans.

12 Tips for Men's Underwear

(Summary description)1 It is advisable to fit boxer pants or thongs for work. These two kinds of pants can be "matched" with the outer pants that are often worn at work such as trousers or jeans.


1 It is advisable to fit boxers or thongs for work. These two types can be "matched" with the outer pants that are often worn at work, such as trousers or jeans.

2 For leisure at home, loose flat pants are the best choice, the advantage is that the genitals that are squeezed in the pants can move freely on weekdays. It is better to go out with thongs, which can reduce the friction on the sexual organs caused by a large amount of activity (such as walking for a long distance).

3 When exercising, it is better to use sports shorts with good breathability, or tights that are similar to swimming trunks, and are close-fitting and breathable. The goal is to minimize friction between the thighs, crotch, and sex organs. In addition, the underwear designed for athletes to wear during sports is also good. It is characterized by a three-dimensional cut triangle cup in the genital part, and there are elastics on the left and right to support the buttocks, which can make your buttocks more masculine.

4 For business trips or tourism, disposable paper or cotton underwear is the best choice. In addition, general white underwear can also be considered.

5 Sleep with boxer or boxer pants, or athletic shorts with a mesh design.

6 People who are fat and sweaty, especially men who drive by themselves, should not wear pure cotton underwear often, and should choose fabrics that feel smooth, sweat-absorbing and easy to dry (such as Korean silk fabrics). Underpants with cotton pads to avoid sticky feeling. In addition, a fabric called Modal is comfortable to the touch, similar to the texture of pure cotton, and the speed of absorbing and releasing moisture is 50% higher than that of ordinary pure cotton, which is also recommended.

Men with thick legs are suitable for wearing high-cut briefs, which can make the legs appear more slender.

8 Tight-fitting elastic long-leg underwear, the length of the trousers can reach the thigh, which is conducive to the tightness of the thigh muscles and shaping the body shape, suitable for young men who love bodybuilding.

9 Regardless of the style, light-colored underwear is a good choice. The lighter the color of the underwear, the less dye is used and the safer it is to wear.

10 Newly purchased underwear must be washed before wearing to prevent accidents such as allergies.

11 Give your underwear a holiday at the right time, such as when exercising or sleeping. Not wearing underwear when exercising can reduce the friction between important parts to a lower level; not wearing underwear when sleeping, the exposed skin can absorb more nutrients, promote metabolism, and create a cool environment, which is conducive to the spermatogenesis process of the testicles , and can relax the limbs and help to enter deep sleep, which is also the reason why health care advocates "sleeping naked".

12 It is important to clean underwear, such as washing it alone, do not mix it with other clothes; wash it by hand, do not bother with the washing machine; avoid soaking it with washing powder for a long time to prolong the life of the underwear.

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